[Cucumber] Cucumber/Spring/JPA problem
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'Michael Cunningham' via Cukes
2018-09-27 12:49:11 UTC
I am using Spring 5.0.9, spring-data-jpa 2.0.10 with Cucumber. I tried
info.cukes1.2.5 and io.cucumber 3.0.2.

I want to read database tables to assert that the correct data has been
transferred through the system under test. I have been able to read data
using JDBC and JDBCTemplate successfully.
When I try using JPA, using wiring given in Spring In Action, I get "Error
creating bean with name 'jpaMappingContext' : Invocation of init method
failed; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: At least
one JPA metamodel must be present!"

Before I go to the trouble of cutting&pasting poms, config file and stack
traces etc, can anyone answer a couple of top-level questions:

1. Is there a reason Cucumber's Spring wiring can't handle JPA?
2. Has anyone got JPA work with Cucumber/Spring before?

thanks in advance,
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