[Cucumber] [CPP] how to test several step_definitions / features located in different folders?
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Laurent Michel
2018-08-23 15:00:13 UTC

Let's say I have a workspace folder with the following structure:


How do I make cucumber aware that it has to wait for many steps to be
started before it can stop checking if the tests have passed? I mean, I am
currently doing the following:

1. I run the ClassASteps

2. in the workspace folder, I run

cucumber -c .

Then, cucumber evaluates the tests and exits. It is able to provide a
feedback for the tests related to ClassASteps but reports that the steps
related to ClassBSteps are missing.

If I now run both the ClassASteps and ClassBSteps, and then run

cucumber -c .

then only the steps related to ClassASteps are evaluated and the
ClassBSteps are reported missing. ClassASteps exit while ClassBSteps still
run. If I now run cucumber again, the ClassBSteps are evaluated while the
ClassASteps are reported missing.

How can I tell cucumber to evaluate everything at the same time?
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