[Cucumber] Cucumber Scenarios not running in parallel when running from Testng
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Rahul Kamboj
2018-04-05 04:07:34 UTC
When I am running the cucumber test from testng.xml, scenarios are not
executed in parallel. Scenarios are executed one after another. I am using
the threads and parallel configuration in testng.xml file and using the
surefire plugin for running the features. In the Testruuner I have metioned
the website folder where I have got multiple feature file. So when I run
the test using Maven it always executes the feature files one after another
and not in parallel. What's the best way to achieve that.??

Please check the below configuration::

**Version of testng:**<org.testng.testng.version>6.14.2</org.testng.testng.version><io.cucumber.cucumber-testng.version>2.4.0</io.cucumber.cucumber-testng.version>

**Surefire Plugin configuration from pom.xml:**<plugin><groupId>org.apache.maven.plugins</groupId><artifactId>maven-surefire-plugin</artifactId><version></version><configuration><suiteXmlFiles><suiteXmlFile>Testng.xml</suiteXmlFile></suiteXmlFiles><testFailureIgnore>true</testFailureIgnore></configuration></plugin>

**Testng.xml file:**<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE suite SYSTEM "http://testng.org/testng-1.0.dtd"><suite name="Local" parallel="tests" thread-count="5" verbose="2"><listeners><listener class-name="driver.LocalWebDriverListener" /><listener class-name="reports.ExecutionListeners" /></listeners><test name="Test in Chrome"><parameter name="browserName" value="chrome" /><classes><class name="testRunner.Windows7Chrome60" /></classes></test></suite>

**TestRunner file in which Website is the folder where I have got multiple features:**
strict = true,
monochrome = true,
features = {"src/main/java/features/Website"},
dryRun = false,
glue = {"driver", "stepDefination", "testRunner" },
tags = {},
plugin = { "pretty", "json:target/RawJsonResult/Windows7Chrome60.json"}
public class Windows7Chrome60 extends AbstractTestNGCucumberTests{
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