[Cucumber] [CPP, Windows] Getting started requires me to run .exe before `cucumber`
matheus laurentys
2018-06-22 17:28:33 UTC

I am just starting and I want to know the correct way to tackle this.

I got it running (as far as I can tell).
I have a question and one issue and would appreciate any help.
My current settings are:
Windows 7
Cucumber 2.4
Cmake 3.11.4
Boost 1.66

1. My issue is:
If I simply go to the folder ~Cucumber-cpp/buid/examples/Calc and run
"cucumber" I get a message saying I am not able to connect and asks if my
wire is up. If, however, I run `start Debug/FuncArgsCalculatorSteps.exe`
and then "cucumber" it works fine. What also annoys is the fact running
"cucumber" consumes the .exe and I have to run that again if I want to run

How did you guys fix that? Or how do you work around that? (maybe making
cucumber run the .exe first everytime it is called?)
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