[Cucumber] [JVM] How to set up parallel tests using cucumber (for selenium grid)
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2018-07-15 04:38:29 UTC

I have a pretty descent cucumber-jvm framework set up.
My driver factory will return one driver, that can connect to the selenium
and then the hub will decide which node to send the commands to based on
the desired capabilities.

But now I want my frame work to create multiple drivers that send commands
to different nodes for different feature files.
Basically I want to do parallel testing.

I have looked online, everyone is using testng. I have read some where
about creating multiple runner files, or using maven plugins. Sounds
confusing and hard to do.

But I do not know how to do this. Is there a guide I can follow. I am an ok
java programmer, but not the best.

Thanks for your help.
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