[Cucumber] Issues while migrating JBehave to Cucumber
Muthu Pondi
2018-09-25 12:12:24 UTC
Currently we are using JBehave with serenity for our automation.We are
trying to migrate our JBehave feature files and their implementations to
cucumber and facing the following challenges.

Issues :
1.We have multiple step names in the same step definition as shown below .
Please let me know how the below step definition can be changed as per
cucumber ?
Note : We have 300 step definitions in our project similar to this.
*JBehave Step Definition:*
*@when* <https://github.com/when>("there are no items for $transaction")
*@then* <https://github.com/then>("there are zero items for $transaction")
public void cleanEnv(String modality) throws InterruptedException{

2.We have aliases with multiple values in a step definition as given below
.Is there a way we can write same pattern in cucumber and call it from
feature file
*JBehave Step Definition Eg :*
*@when* <https://github.com/when> ( "user selects a $item item name from
the list" )
*@Aliases* <https://github.com/Aliases> ( values = {"user selects a
$itemName item name from the list with no protocol",
"user selects a $itemId which contains list with same technical setting
UID, name, population and anatomy with different checksum",
"user selects a $itemId which contains list with same technical setting UID
and checksum with different DMID",
public void selectitemNameFromItemList( String itemName) {

Please recommend the best way of how to migrate the above patterned step
definitions to cucumber.
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