[Cucumber] [RUBY] Debug output when running cukes
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Andrew Premdas
2018-04-23 18:14:52 UTC
Hey peeps,

One of my projects suddenly is outputting lots of debug information every
time I run cucumber. I have not idea why

Here is a small sample of the debug output

D, [2018-04-23T18:21:45.564493 #4143] DEBUG -- :
ActiveRecord::SchemaMigration Load (0.6ms) SELECT `schema_migrations`.*
FROM `schema_migrations`
D, [2018-04-23T18:21:45.713934 #4143] DEBUG -- : (0.3ms) SELECT
D, [2018-04-23T18:21:45.714345 #4143] DEBUG -- : (0.2ms) SET
D, [2018-04-23T18:21:45.715641 #4143] DEBUG -- : (0.1ms) SELECT
DATABASE() as db
D, [2018-04-23T18:21:45.716950 #4143] DEBUG -- : (1.2ms) select
table_name from information_schema.views where table_schema =
D, [2018-04-23T18:21:45.745706 #4143] DEBUG -- : (28.4ms) TRUNCATE
TABLE `activity_feed_events`;

None of this output appears when running rspec on my project.

Some more info

rails -v: Rails 5.0.4
cucumber --version 3.1.0
rspec -v 3.6

If anyone has any understanding of where this output is coming from I'd
appreciate it.

All best

Andrew Premdas
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