[Cucumber] [Cucumber-JVM] Eclipse IDE displays "missing EOF at 'Examples:'" when the examples table is split
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Ram Raghu
2017-11-19 08:43:39 UTC

I am using Cucumber-JVM and writing feature files in eclipse IDE.

Eclipse IDE displays "missing EOF at 'Examples:'" when the examples table
is seperated into two as shown below. The error is displayed at the line
where second Examples: keyword is present.

Can someone help with whats wrong here?

Scenario Outline: Password validation
Given I try to create an account with password "<Password>"
Then I should see that the password is <Valid or Invalid>
Examples: Too Short
Passwords are invalid if less than 4 characters
| Password | Valid or Invalid |
| abc | invalid |
| ab1 | invalid |
Examples: Letters and Numbers -----> Eclipse IDE indicates the
error missing EOF at 'Examples:' in this line.
Passwords need both letters and numbers to be valid
| Password | Valid or Invalid |
| abc1 | valid |
| abcd | invalid |
| abcd1 | valid |
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