[Cucumber] QA Team Question - Tool for maintaining User Scenarios for regression testing
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2017-09-25 05:53:39 UTC
Dear QA members,

Please help me with below query

1. Earlier we had "Test Cases Management" tool used for maintaining test
cases & running those for each of the regression cycle as part of "QA Sign
Off" process

2. After we started following BDD since last 1+ year, we migrated "Test
Cases" to "User Stories". But still we have some basic requirements of
"Test Cases Management" tool to be fulfilled

3. As not all the "User Stories" can be automated at Unit, API, UI level;
some needs to be executed manually each release cycle & managements is
interested into reports.

As per your experience which is good tool as of now which will help to
achieve these goals ?

I came across https://hiptest.net/, please share your experiences

Thanks & Regards,
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