[Cucumber] Re: [Cucumber-JVM] How to identify trigger tag from Scenario api
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Justin Radcliffe
2017-07-21 12:49:23 UTC
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public static *Login *runThrough(Scenario scenario) {

* Login login = null*;

for (String tag : scenario.getSourceTagNames()) {
if (tag.startsWith("@small")) {
l*ogin = new LoginSmallImpl()*;

if (tag.startsWith("@medium")) {
l*ogin = new *LoginMediumImpl *()*;
if (tag.startsWith("@big")) {
l*ogin = new *LoginBigImpl*()*;

return login;

You could try something like this but you may need to know if you already
used one of the tags if you want to test this 3 times with different login
types or have 3 scenrios with one of those tags each.

Enter code here...
Hi there,
I have a scenario which applies to different sizes of browser. According to the trigger tag, I want to instantiate a different implementation which implements the same interface.
@small @medium @large
Scenario: Login
Given I am on the login page
When I login with a valid username and password
Then login should be successful
public class LoginSteps
public void small(Scenario sc)
public void big(Scenario sc)
@Given("^I am on the login page$")
public void i_am_on_the_login_page() throws Throwable {
@When("^I login with a valid username and password$")
public void i_login_with_a_valid_username_and_password() throws Throwable {
@Then("^login should be successful$")
public void login_should_be_successful() throws Throwable {
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