[Cucumber] New ParameterTypes for Doc Strings
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2017-11-15 10:38:53 UTC
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Hi guys,

Is there any way to use new ParameterTypes with doc strings to make some
transformations to string. Small example:
* Then I have output:*
* """*
* gem version is <gem_version>*
* """*
And I want use ParameterType to replace <gem_version> with actual version
of the gem. I've tried this:

* name: 'test',*
* regexp: /<gem_version>/,*
* transformer: ->(version) { version.gsub('<gem_version>',
MyGem::VERSION) }*
* end*

It didn't work. Before update it worked with Transformation like this:

*Transform /<gem_version>/ do |text|*
* text.gsub('<gem_version>', MyGem::VERSION)*
* end *

Best regards,
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