[Cucumber] How to get steps from feature file into report
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Pravesh Prajapati
2017-12-04 09:32:05 UTC
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Hi Team,
I have one query please help me.
I want to generate report and in report i want same as my feature file.

say for eg:-

Scenario:- Addition of 2 nos.

Given when I open calc
Then I enter 2 nos
And I press Add button
Then I should get result.

So above the my dummy scenario in my feature file.

now while create report, I want to give heading as ."Addition of 2 nos"
and then
when I open calc
I enter 2 nos
I press Add button
I should get result.
these steps in report.

So is there is any way to read the steps from feature file into our report?

Please help regards.
Pravesh prajapati.
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